Everyday Miracle

Subject:  An Everyday Miracle I Still Can’t Believe…

Hi <first name>,

It’s Lisa Smillie, recent AWAI graduate with a quick tip.

I still can’t get over the astounding miracle I’ve seen hundreds of times, but can never quite believe is possible…

A friend of mine volunteers at a local elementary school each spring, helping out with their gardening program.

She loves to see the wide eyed wonder on the kids’ faces when their seeds pop up.  They all go through the motions pushing the seeds into the soil, watering them and then waiting.

Even the ones who say they aren’t really into gardening get excited when the seeds push through the surface and spread their first leaves.

Like they’ve just performed an amazing magic trick.


Who can blame them, it really IS like magic.  A seed lies dormant until it’s given a little water and soil and then comes to life.  Amazing!

It’s one of the reasons I love gardening.  I watch a tiny seed turn into a plant that produces pounds and pounds of food.

And this miracle happens everyday.  Unfortunately weed seeds are miraculous too.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the way my business took off last year.  As if by magic.

I had been plodding along with just enough clients to keep me going, but not enough to really call it a living.

I think the real problem was that I just hadn’t been able to convince myself that I could make a go of it, or that I deserved success.

I wished there was a way to get new business without having to go out and convince people one by one to give me a chance.

Heck, I hadn’t really convinced myself I was good enough, how in the world would I convince strangers?

I figured I’d just have to keep trudging along making a modest income, never really breaking through to the levels I dreamed of.

I almost gave up on my dreams of freedom and financial independence.

Until I found…


This quick, easy, and effective system makes it so simple.   It shows you how to use the power of social networks to grow your business in a way you could never do on your own.

And it REALLY works!

Miraculous when you think about it, and yet just as quick and easy as putting a seed in the ground and watering it.

Follow this simple step by step program and start harvesting the quality and quantity of new business that will make your business thrive.

So, how about you, are you ready to put this powerful, miraculous tool to work for yourself and your business?

Are you ready to start living the life you imagine?  A life of freedom to work when and where you please.  And a life of freedom from financial stress and strain.

Start planting the seeds for a never-ending stream of new clients today.


P.S.  Try Social Networking:  The 21st Century Way to Find New Clients, follow the simple step by step program and get ready for more work than you can handle.

Like a tray of newly sprouting seeds your business will have new clients popping up constantly.   And if for some weird reason this just isn’t for you, no problem, no questions, full refund.

What have you got to lose?



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