Goose Egg…or Golden Eggs

Subject:  Goose Egg…or Golden Eggs?

Hi <first name>,

It’s Lisa Smillie with AWAI.

I live in Oregon, where local, artisan food is a religion.  Pasture raised, organic chicken eggs have always been popular, but now duck eggs and goose eggs are available at most farmers markets.

So I bought a couple of goose eggs the other day.  They’re huge compared to chicken eggs.  And they’re rich and delicious.

And I got to thinking about goose eggs and the idea that a goose is associated with two utterly opposite concepts.

A goose egg is a failure, a complete zero.  Either that or it can mean a lump like when you bump your head.  Ouch.  Nobody wants that.

But a goose that lays golden eggs is an ongoing source of wealth and security.  Wouldn’t you love to have a daily dose of gold, especially with the price of gold these days?

You’d never have to worry about having enough money, or how you’ll pay the bills.  Just a constant source of financial well-being.  It’s fun to imagine.

But here in the real world there is something that comes pretty close.  What if you had a system in place that delivered new client prospects everyday?

New clients that are desperate for quality copywriting and willing to pay generously for it.

Wouldn’t a steady stream of quality clients be like having a goose that lays golden eggs?


You’d never have to worry about trying to drum up new business all the time.  You could concentrate on the part of the job you really love, the writing.  And you’d have a sense of security and confidence about the future.

You got into the writing business for the writing, not the marketing, right?

When freelancers are asked about their LEAST favorite part of their jobs the #1 answer is finding new prospects.

What if you didn’t have to worry about that part of the job?  What if job after job came to you, and all you had to do was pick out the best ones?

No more wondering if you’ll be able to find enough high quality clients to really make freelancing work.


Once you’ve got this system in place you will truly feel like you have found the Goose That Lays Golden Eggs, one after another.

So the choice is yours, waste your time cold calling for new business and turning up goose eggs…or sit back and collect your golden eggs day after day and never worry about finding the next job.



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