Caffe Bella Italia

Hey, let’s have dinner in Italy tonight!

I know a place that will make you feel like you are dining in Italia.

Caffe´ Bella Italia brings it all together, the food, the people, and the atmosphere.

Fresh, hand-made, authentic cuisine. Friendly Italians in beautiful surroundings, or is it beautiful Italians in friendly surroundings?

I know, everybody’s got a favorite Italian restaurant that they think is the best, but this one really is the best!


It’s real Italian!

You’ll be drawn in from the busy street by the glow of candles and cheerful conversation drifting out towards us. Pass through the patio garden, enter the dining room and you will be transported to Italy, without the jet lag.

Let’s start with a glass of wine, probably something you haven’t heard of before. But that’s the fun of travel; discovering new things. The wine list is as authentic as the menu, not just an after-thought list of the same stuff you see at every other Italian joint.

Oh, and the food…
well let’s just say this is not your typical spaghetti and a meatball place.

Stefano, the chef, trained and owned a restaurant in Milano. He is fanatical about the freshness of the ingredients he uses. The soups, the pasta, the foccacia, are all hand-made on the premises, not hundreds of miles away, like the chains.

How will you decide…?

Tender hand-made ravioli, filled with luxurious seasoned butternut squash, and sauced in sage butter.

Crisp, thin-crust pizza from the wood-fired oven, loaded with flavor, but not overloaded with heavy toppings.

Hand-made linguine, studded with the freshest clams, mussels, salmon, shrimp, sauced in a light but flavorful tomato saffron broth, and crowned with a grilled, split langoustine.
The all-Italian staff and their friends are a social bunch. People drift in and out all evening to say hi, have a glass of wine or an espresso and share gossip. They greet each other with a kiss on each cheek and plenty of laughter and gesturing.

You’re beginning to understand Italian, aren’t you?

Their zest for life is infectious and rejuvenating. Soon you’ll feel like you are sitting in a trattoria on an historic piazza, instead of a busy suburban thoroughfare. The only thing missing is the Vespa exhaust.

Sorry, I almost forgot…it’s just dinner right…

Let’s finish off with an espresso and a dolce, maybe a piece of home-made Tiramisu.

I hope you won’t be disappointed if there is:

  • No cheap Chianti in wicker basket bottles
  • No O Sole Mio blaring on the stereo
  • No smell of burnt garlic coming from the kitchen

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what Frommer’s 2004 San Diego Guide has to say about Caffe´Bella Italia…
“Every item on the menu bears the unmistakable flavor of freshness and homemade care–even the simplest curled-edge ravioli stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and pine nuts is elevated to culinary perfection, while salmon is dealt with unusually firmly, endowed with olives, capers and thick hunks of tomato in wine and garlic. You may leave wishing you could be adopted by this gracious family.”

And the San Diego Union says…
“Pacific Beach’s Caffe´ Bella Italia is like a breath of fresh Tuscan air on the Garnet strip. Bella Italia’s tiramisu alone is worth a visit.”

Listen, you’ve traveled, you know the real thing when you see it, and when you taste it. You’ll come away satisfied, relaxed and feeling like you just got back from vacation. You might even learn to speak a little Italian.

You’re hungry, right? For something special, right?
ANDIAMO! — Come on, let’s go!

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P.S. Don’t forget, if you don’t love it, dinner’s on me. CIAO!

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