Don’t Just Put a Bandaid On It…


…as a whole, integrated, living entity!

What if you could…

  • Keep in touch with current patients
  • Collect referrals for new business
  • Market new services and workshops
  • Build credibility as a medical expert
  • Enhance your relationships with patients
  • Instill them with more confidence in you
  • Generate more revenue

And what if it was super easy and not very expensive…

Your practice isn’t just a bunch of patients coming in once in a while for their appointments and leaving. You got into chiropractic because you have a vision of health care as a whole, integrated unit. You should treat your practice the same way. Stay in touch with patients between appointments with CHIRO 101.

Picture your waiting room full of patients who feel like they know you and your staff as more then just medical technicians. They see you as a trusted source of information for all health related issues. They even feel a little closer to each other as members of a wellness community. They come into your practice eager to talk to you about something they have read in their CHIRO 101 newsletter, or about a new service that you’re offering.

They’ll look forward to each issue of your newsletter. You can send it out monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, you choose. So why wouldn’t you want to put this powerful tool in your patient’s hands every chance you get? Patients really love it, listen to what they say about this service…

That’s right SERVICE, they see it as a value added bonus.
(Patient Testimonials)

They got this information from you, because you decided to try CHIRO101

What’s in it for your patients…

  • They stay involved, educated, and in touch with your practice.
  • They see your practice as a resource, not just an appointment.
  • They become members of a wellness community.
  • They get valuable information and are not charged for the service.

What’s in it for you…

  • Nurture and maintain the wellness/health mentor relationship
  • Your patients become active participants in their treatment
  • Promote new services and programs without looking like you’re advertising

If you have 100 patients, you can do all this by investing only 40 cents per patient, per month. And it won’t take time away from your patients.

With CHIRO 101 you’ll spend less time, and be more effective.

Think about the time and money you currently spend on advertising your practice.
Is it expensive?
Is it effective?

CHIRO 101 is not a magazine that sits in your waiting room for patients to pick up. This is customized information sent specifically from you to your patients, giving them relevant news in the chiropractic and alternative health fields. We provide you with tons of new content each month; relevant, current, health information. You choose articles and add your own message.

You decide what goes out and who receives it. You have complete control over the articles you select and over the personal messages specific to your practice. So it’s unique to your practice.

Your CHIRO 101 newsletter won’t look like any others.

Here’s what chiropractors already using this service have to say…
(Dr. Testimonials)

Check out a few sample newsletters…
(Sample Newsletters)

Each month you get a wealth of medical and healing arts information to choose from. You customize your newsletter to your practice. You can select from the articles provided or add your own content or use a combination of both.

Try the interactive demos to see how easy it is to use
(link to demo)
Try CHIRO 101 for 3 months
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, completely convinced and completely happy with the service…you pay nothing.

If you DO love it and your patients love it and you see the results of treating your whole practice, and you decide to subscribe to the service, you get the first 3 months FREE. You have absolutely nothing to lose and no reason not to try this new way to turn your practice into a wellness destination, a wellness community.

That’s a $120 value, just to give it a try.

Call today and transform your practice.

Sign up for CHIIRO 101 today and get started building your practice into a healthier community.
$40 per month 1-100 patients
$60 per month 200-500 patients
$75 per month 500+ patients

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