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Can you change the world with a side dish?  We think so.
We’re out to revolutionize the convenience food market, and here’s how.  We produce nutrition rich whole grain and bean blends, with no preservatives and little added sodium.   Our foods are good for your family and good for the planet.
Sometimes small changes make all the difference.

The People Behind the Pilaf
So who makes these delicious, easy to fix, nutrition dense foods?
Food scientists? Big corporations?
Nope. Just a busy mom and dad who wanted to find a healthy alternative to salt and preservative filled fast foods.

We are Amy and Dean D’Angelo. We came up with a protein and fiber rich whole food that’s delicious and easy to prepare. Our kids loved it and we knew we had to share this idea with other busy families.

Healthy. Convenient. Delicious.
The original protein rich pilaf. Our pilafs are packed with protein and fiber, have no added salt, sugar, or preservatives. Just natural, whole foods which are healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare.

Nutrition Dense Food
How do we get complete protein in a side dish? We use a unique ancient grain called Quinoa, which is a perfect, complete protein. We combine this with whole grain bulgur and beans, which pack even more protein and fiber into each serving. Eating more whole grains is the quickest, easiest and best change you can make to your diet.

* Low Sodium
* No trans fats
* No saturated fat

Check our ingredients, nothing artificial, no preservatives.

* Whole grain bulgur wheat and quinoa
* Beans
* Vegetables
* Herbs and spices

That’s it. Just the good stuff.

Our Values and Mission: Healthy Foods Sustainably Produced
We believe our foods can make healthier people and a healthier planet. Vegetable protein and grains have a smaller carbon footprint than animal protein, which requires much more water and fuel to produce. All Garlic Clove Foods are hand packaged, eliminating energy and carbon intensive mechanized packaging. So eating a little more vegetable protein and a little less animal protein is an easy way to do something good for yourself and the environment.

3 Great Flavors To Enjoy (our product line)
Garden Pilaf combines protein and fiber rich bulgur wheat with quinoa for even more protein and iron, plus tasty vegetables and spices.

Santa Fe Pilaf includes bulgur wheat with quinoa and black beans for more protein and fiber, and herbs and spices that give an authentic Southwest flavor.

Spicy Cajun Pilaf blends whole grain bulgur wheat with red beans for even more protein and fiber, plus herbs and spices for a zesty Cajun kick.

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