WARNING: This Machine IS NOT A Toy!

The Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine is a PROFESSIONAL espresso maker, and it might be your last coffee machine.

Tired of waiting in line for a coffee that’s not quite right?
Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine makes perfect espresso, EVERY time, without any barista attitude!

Beauty Lies In Devotion To Function.
Like a well balanced knife that holds a perfect edge, any kitchen tool that does a perfect job, everyday is a thing of beauty. Elegant in design, a pleasure to operate, with ONE purpose: Perfect espresso time after time.

When you are ready to make a superior cup of espresso at home, time after time, you need to get a machine that is designed to do just that, and do it consistently. The Quickmill Andreja Premium espresso machine does all of the things that are required for an optimum cup of espresso. It does them efficiently, consistently, and reliably.

What Makes the Quickmill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine better than the rest?
Here’s what the owners say:

* Ease of filling and capability to connect directly to water mains
* Even pressure and temperature throughout the brewing process
* Quick and constant heating of the water
* Cup warmer
* A drip tray that pulls out for cleaning and doesn’t show scratches or wear
* Steam knobs without a metal nut in the center, which can get hot
* Non-burning steam and water wands that swivel on ball joints
* All stainless steel construction

Why this machine is different:
Quickmill may not sound Italian, but they’re based in Milan, Italy and have been designing and building professional and home espresso machines, and other kitchen equipment since 1945, refining and improving the function of their espresso machines. Many of the components they use in the home versions are of the same quality used in professional machines. This is not true for all home espresso machines. The entire machine is made from #340 high quality food grade stainless steel throughout, not just the outer shell.

The technical details are as follows:

  • die-casted group with water circulating
  • insulated copper boiler 1.6 lt. (protects the other components from excessive heat)
  • automatic pump refilling with electronic level sensor
  • anti-burn swiveling stainless steel steam wand (simply put they are the best!)
  • anti-burn stainless steel water wand (most machines don’t have the anti-burn feature)
  • adjusted for direct connection to water mains
  • manometer to control boiler pressure
  • manometer to control bar during coffee brewing
  • certified security valve (non compression valve, can be repaired, instead of replaced)
  • solenoid sensor for water lack (alerts you before the water is runs out)
  • resistor block system
  • pump block system
  • security thermostat
  • pump thermo-protector
  • stainless steel cup warmer (maintains temperature to maximize flavor and aroma)

You will never look back and wish you had bought a toy espresso maker.

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