Garlic Clove Foods 1

Garlic Clove Foods pilaf blends are unique among convenience foods,
because of what they contain and what they don’t contain.
You may not have anything like them in your current offerings.

Made with the ancient grain quinoa, which contains complete protein, and bulgur wheat. We add dried vegetables and dehydrated beans, herbs and spices. All of the ingredients cook together, in 20 minutes, to make a fluffy, tasty, side dish or main course. Our blends are full of fiber, nutrition, and flavor, without added salt or preservatives. And the eye-catching packaging stands out on the shelf.

Garlic Clove Pilaf blends are many things to many people.
They can be merchandised in several different categories.

Who will buy these nutrition dense, preservative free, healthy, easy to fix foods?

  • Vegans and vegetarians who want to add some healthy protein to their diets.
  • People who want to eat less meat for health or philosophical reasons.
  • Anybody who wants to eat less salt, chemicals, and preservatives.
  • People who want to reduce their carbon footprint by eating less animal protein.
  • People who want to have non-perishable food on hand for emergencies.
  • People who want light weight, easy to fix, delicious food for camping trips.
  • Busy people who need something healthy and easy to fix on hand in their cupboard.

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