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(Outer Envelope Teaser Copywriter)Discover why NOW may be your last chance to acquire the only asset that can give you and your family security, enjoyment, and a legacy for the future.

What’s missing from your plan for the future?
Look inside to find out which single asset could change your family’s future.

How Much Better Off Could You Be With The Information in
The Land Report?

You may own property, but do you have land? I’m not talking about condos in Florida or lofts in San Francisco, I’m talking about real land. Land with water, or minerals, or grazing, or timber.

The world’s wealthiest people know this kind of land is an essential part of their assets.

Land is the ultimate tangible asset, America’s most valuable natural resource. The world’s richest people know this and they all own land.

The Land Report will introduce you to these people and let you in on their secrets about owning land. The Land Report is the magazine for you and the people who know the land game inside out.

The Land Report Has All The Real News About The Ultimate Asset

In The Land Report you’ll get news, analysis of current events, expert opinions, and alerts. What this means is that you’ll know what the major landowners know. You’ll be a part of a group who are passionate about the importance of land. People who know that owning land can enrich your life and give you a meaningful legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.

* According the Bloomberg News “Farmland is the New Hot Property”.
* The Department of Agriculture reports that US farmland prices increased 15% in 2006.
* Jim Rogers predicts that global warming will hinder crops, and has advised purchasing farmland for at least a decade.

The Demand For Land Will Increase, But The Supply Is Fixed

Even without global warming more and more land is being dedicated to growing corn and soy for fuel. If you are among the landowners who know this before most people find out, you will benefit. The Land Report keeps you ahead of the crowd. In an uncertain world owning land gives you security you can’t get from other investments.

Whether you want to:
* invest
* get your hands dirty and work the land
* have a safe place to get away from it all

You NEED The Land Report

Meet the mega landowners, find out what they know about owning land and why it is common to all of the super wealthy. Find out the secrets that only a select few know, secrets that will put land to work for you and your family.

What if there was a handbook that could teach you all you need to know about landowning?

* Best Places to Own
* Techniques for Saving on the Cost of Your Land
* Most Valuable Improvements to Make to Your Landowners
* Federal Laws and How They Can Effect Your Land
* Tax Laws and Strategies
* Equipment and Tool Reviews

It’s ALL in The Land Report

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